Best Indian Hair Coloring and Hair Dyeing Products

Indian Hair Colour Brands

Hair speaks a lot! And getting the hair color done is the modern-day statement to stay confident both inside and out. Using the best hair color brand is essential to get that rich and natural-looking hair. Well! We understand that it becomes super expensive to get an international hair color brand. However, the fact is you need not prefer pardesi products, as there exists a huge list of Indian products and brands. They are far less expensive than you think! You need not visit a salon or buy expensive hair color or hair dye brands, especially during this pandemic. Here, we provide you the best Indian hair color product list for daily use. 

At-home permanent hair color product is easy to use. It shows up quick results and is inexpensive. Before proceeding further about the hair coloring list of Indian products and brands, it is essential to know different types of hair color for men and women. 

Types of Hair Color 

Permanent Hair Color

If you are looking for the ammonia-free hair color, don’t expect the hair color shades to last longer. As the permanent hair color for women consists of Ammonia and Peroxide. It can make hair darker or lighter giving it a natural look. The color can last until the hair grows out. However, the roots need to be touched up every 4 to 6 weeks.

Temporary Hair Color

Not everyone will be ready enough to continue with the bold look of the permanent hair color. For such instances, temporary hair color is the best choice. The hair dye color is mainly in two different forms- hair color creame and hair color powder. Irrespective of the form you use, the temporary hair dye color or the wash out hair color can coat only the outside of the hair shaft. So, the results won’t last long. The temporary hair dye products are good, especially if you want to look impressive on any occasion. And get back to normal without damage. Try out the One Nightstand temporary hair color or the Godrej Expert easy shampoo hair colour to see your hair’s unbelievable transformation. Another option to consider is Salon’s secret high shine crème hair color.  

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Talking of the Semi-permanent hair dye for men, it is ammonia-free and has a small percentage of peroxide that can only darken hair. Though not after the next hair wash, but the color fades over time to a translucent stain. However, you need to maintain the roots to avoid a mismatched look. Semi-permanent hair dye such as the Godrej Expert advanced and the Emami Diamond Shine Creme Hair Colour is probably the best in India. 


Almost all of us are familiar with Henna. Since our childhood, we have been using these to make a tattoo on skin. However, the henna products are not only used to adorn skin but can be used as hair color for girls. Henna hair color is typically derived from the henna plant and gives the reddish hue and color vibrancy to the hair. 

Due to the chemicals used, the regular black hair dye products seem to show an allergic reaction to few. In such cases, the natural hair dye, i.e., natural henna, can be beneficial. If you are fed up with dandruff, itchy or flaky, then henna hair dye is worth trying. Some of the popular Henna hair color brands in India include Godrej Nupur Henna Natural Mehndi, Himalaya Natural Shine Henna, and Khadi Natural Herbal henna. 

Hair Colour Highlights

If you are choosing hair color highlights, then know that it uses bleach and the permanent hair color to lighten the hair. As with any hair color, the hair roots need to be touched up every three months. 

In contrast, lowlights can be created by attaching darker shades of extensions than the natural hair colour. Blend them according to your choice and where you think is best suited. 

Things to consider before choosing Hair Color

– Firstly, you need to feel comfortable with the hair color. Not everyone prefers to change the natural hair color. All the rules and trends are irrelevant if you don’t feel great about coloring your hair. 

-If you have a pink shade, then it is better enough to avoid red hair tones. For yellowish skin tone, avoid yellow hair colors. Most of the hair color tones suit the Beige skin tones. 

– The hair color you chose also depends upon the eyeshade you have. People with light blue eyes can accentuate the look by selecting dark hair color and vice versa. Green eyes can be accentuated with red/copper tones.

– Choosing red colors means that you need to touch it up regularly at home. If you wish to avoid maintenance, choose the base color close enough to your natural hair color. 

Best Indian Hair color Products

Godrej Expert Rich Crème

Choose Godrej Expert Rich Creme from Amazon to keep your hair healthy and soft as you desire. It is a blend of Aloe and milk protein that gives out a rich appearance. Godrej Expert rich crème is the best hair crème for men. You can select from different shades- Dark Brown, Natural Black, and Natural Brown. 

Emami Diamond Shine Creme Hair Colour

Renowned by the Indian and International experts, Emami brings in a crème hair color, Diamond shine. It is enriched with a diamond shine that makes your black hair shine naturally. Get the product from Amazon, in different color shades that suit you. It is an ammonia-free product and can last 2X longer. 


Another trusted Indian brand in hair coloring is Vasmol. Vasmol Ayurprash shampoo hair color is a safe organic hair color solution that keeps your hair naturally black. 


Streax is a runaway brand of HRI India. The haircare range of these products ensures the salon-style glamour every day. It is not only the colors, but it is enriched with walnut oil that gives nourishing hair treatment. 

If you feel hindered in choosing the best hair color product in India, it is always to consult a hairdresser for advice. 

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