All The Best-Seller Baby Products For Your Newborn

Essential Baby Products for Happy Infants in India

Introduction on Best-seller Baby Products  

Are you a new parent? Congratulations on being mommy and daddy!!! Well, apart from feeling blessed, you might be struggling to know that your baby dear needs gears which are new to you. Isn’t it? Also, you might be finding the shopping experience for your baby tiresome owing to numerous options of such baby products available out there.

Worry not! We have got you covered, we are here to help you throughout your journey for your loved newborn. Our team has done extensive research to come out with must-have baby products that form the most promising brand. We make sure that all the products we recommend are simply best and most suitable for the delicate skin & body of your baby. 

Let us have a look at these must-have baby products:

  1. Huggies Wonder Pants Extra Small / New Born (XS / NB) Size Diaper Pants 

Most comfortable Diaper pants for your baby to keep them dry and rash-free throughout the night. Huggies wonder pants are priced at ₹125.00 only and are trusted by 132,462 people. 

Here are the most important features of these diaper pants:

  • These come with 3-D Bubble-Bed which is great to offer cottony softness to your baby’s skin
  • They come with a flexible waistband so that your baby can freely move in a snug and also lends a comfortable fit
  • These diaper pants can absorb wetness for up to 12 hours and keep your baby dry overnight. Also protects from irritation or rashes
  • Triple Leak-guard is another feature which adds extra padding on the sides of the diaper making it suitable for reducing leakage from thighs and legs areas. Additionally, the 3-D layer keeps the diaper surface dry
  • You can choose the suitable diaper pant sizes depending on baby weight and size. The diaper capacity may vary from newborn to large, depending on the volume of waste. Available online in sizes – Newborn, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  1. Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes Lid Pack 

Gentle cleansing wipes are a must-have to keep your baby clean and dry. Not just that, wipes need to be soft on baby’s skin and little’s soft cleansing wipes can be trusted for the same. They are priced at only ₹99.00 and are bought by more than 51,964 customers. Little’s Soft cleansing wipes are:

  • Perfect choice for gently cleansing as well as moisturizing baby’s delicate skin. You can use them for cleaning your baby’s face or hands during mealtime, playtime and while travelling. They can also be used during diaper change.
  • They are alcohol free.
  • These Wipes are a 50:50 blend of polyester and viscose, both these fabrics are manmade and they offer a better alternative to cotton.
  1. BeyBee Quick Dry Bed Protector Waterproof Baby Cot Sheet 

Apart from comfortable clothes, soft and dry diaper pants; the cot sheet also plays an important role in your baby’s sleep. The baby’s quick dry bed protector waterproof baby cot is priced only at ₹175 and it is trusted by  25,080 people. Here are the exclusive features of this cot sheet.

  • It is a Comfortable and durable baby dry sheet which is made from 100% leak-proof mattress protector. 
  • The fabric is baby skin-friendly. It is a hygienic baby bed protector for babies that protects them & the bed from wetting.
  • BeyBee waterproof bed protector sheets are durable and can be used as an alternative for diapers as they quickly absorb the water. The Ultra soft and lightweight under pads made up of premium quality fabric (baby mat) gives a cozy feel to touch even on a rough bed surface
  • This is a hypoallergenic, economical and light weight sheet which can be sterilized upto 90-degree C. Also, they are known as like (baby mat waterproof, mattress protection, urine sheet with waterproof, baby cot sheet, quickly dry sheet for baby)
  • Your baby remains safe from 6 major problems caused by the usage of diapers on their skin such as damaged immunity, urinary infections, skin irritations, redness and rashes.
  • This waterproof bed protector can absorb and hold 8 times its weight of water. This lets your baby on his day’s nap, night’s sleep, dressing up or playing time.
  • This lightweight baby urine sheet waterproof, is made up of premium quality fabric.
  1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo (100ml)

A nourishing shampoo for your baby’s soft growing hair is a must-have and this gentle baby shampoo from Himalaya is the best seller owing to the ingredients they use. It is bought by  26,373 people and its price is only ₹110.

  • It Softens, nourishes, as well as improves the hair luster of your baby.

Some of the exclusive ingredients it has are:

  1. Hibiscus which is a well-known hair conditioner and it helps in moisturizing baby’s hair.
  2. Khus Grass which is a revered herb known for its cooling, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  1. Himalaya Baby Powder (400g) & Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath (400ml)

Your baby’s gentle skin needs ideal shower gel to keep the skin hydrated. Along with that you need super-light baby powder to keep your baby dry and their skin rash-free. This combo from Himalaya could be the best pick for you. This combo will cost you only ₹311 and is trusted by  22,089 people. 

This baby power is:

  • Made up of herbs & Zinc Oxide (Yashad Bhasma) and hence it is the best for your baby’s skin. 
  • Also contains Olive oil and Almond oil which are rich in Vitamin E. This nourished the skin to keep it super soft and moisturized all day long. 
  • This has Khus grass which keeps the skin cool and fresh throughout the day. 

Another product in this combo is Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath which is:

  • Suitable for newborn babies as well as for babies upto 6 months of age and can be used from head-to-toe cleaning.
  • This baby bath is soap-free as well as pH balanced formula with a blend of 3 herbs.
  • It contains chickpea, which cleanses as well as soothes the skin. And it is suitable for all skin types.
  • Also has fenugreek and green gram to moistures the delicate skin of newborns and keep it soft as well as supple throughout the day. 
  1. Himalaya Baby Lotion (200ml)

A Baby lotion is a must-have for your baby irrespective of the season, as their skin is super soft and needs perfect hydration all day. Himalaya baby lotion could be the right pick as it comes with some of the most natural ingredients. It is priced at 97 INR and it is trusted by 33298 customers.

Himalaya Baby Lotion is:

  • The best to nourish and moisturize the soft and smooth skin of your baby. 
  • Good to nourish and moisture soft and smooth skin. 
  • Clinically tested and is proved for its safety and efficacy.
  • Having a key ingredient- almond oil which makes baby’s skin soft and keeps it moisturized.  

It also has Licorice and Olive oil to soothe, soften and keep skin soft, as they have antioxidant properties. 

It can be applied after bath or even any time of the day as per need. It is a well-researched, gentle and safe product for babies. 

  1. Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar – 100 g

Baby Cleansing bars are so in trend these days and these are truly a must-have baby products owing to hundreds of benefits they offer. The Sebamed Baby Cleansing bar will cost you only 230 INR . It is bought by 7771 customers.

  • It is known to be gentle on your baby’s eye as the pH is only 5.5.
  • Also the formula is free from formaldehyde hence recommended for babies. 
  • This is recommended to be used daily.
  • Direction for Use: Apply Sebamed Baby Cleansing Soap very gently on the baby’s face (wet) or body.

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  1. SebaMed Baby Lotion (50ml) & Baby Protective Facial Cream (50ml) Combo

German made baby lotion and facial cream from the brand of SebaMed is one of the best-seller products for your baby’s skin care. Priced at only 906 INR, it is recommended by many parents across the globe.

The baby lotion from SebaMed:

  • Has easily absorbed emollient with 7 percent lipids. It aids in keeping the skin soft. Also it  has chamomile extract to protect the baby’s sensitive skin from irritation. Along with it, allantoin also keeps the baby’s skin soft and supple. 
  • Other natural lipids, sorbitol, allantoin, lecithin as well as panthenol make it super- skin- friendly for babies. 

The Facial cream from Sebamed is:

  • Made up of a moisturizing complex of vitamin E, allantoin, natural lipids, panthenol and chamomile.  
  • Recommended to be applied on the face or any affected areas at least two times a day. 
  1. Himalaya Herbals Baby Massage Oil (50ml)

Not just externally, but also internally! Your baby needs a proper massage for stronger bones and Himalaya’s Herbal Baby Massage oil is best-seller when it comes to such oils.

Priced at only 84 INR, it is opted by 21804 parents. 

This massage oil:

  • Given essential nourishment, and is vegetable-based oil. 
  • Moisturizes and softens skin with mineral oil and lanolin. 
  • Has a key ingredient- Olive oil to nourish, soften and protect baby’s skin
  • Has winter cherry with rejuvenating and skin-conditioning properties. 
  1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Wash 1 Ltr (Pouch)

Gentle on hands, and tough on stains- Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry wash is a safe and researched product for your baby’s laundry. It will cost you only INR and is trusted by customers. 

Some of its features are:

Antibacterial, enriched with soapnut extract which is known for stain & odor removal properties, free of chemicals. 

It keeps fabric soft, fresh and mildly fragrant after every wash.

Final Words on best-seller Baby Products 

We recommend, you always prefer a patch test for your baby with any of the products you buy. Just like us, they might also be allergic to some of the ingredients of some products and hence patch tests could save them from any adverse effect. 

Also, make sure you go for brands which are reputed and renowned because your baby is precious enough. Happy Parenting!

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