Are you using the right soap for your skin type?

Natural Organic Soaps for Healthy Skin in India

Introduction to Soaps and skin care

Healthy and clear skin is a dream come true for most of us! And we try the best possible skin care regime for our skin types. Isn’t it?
Well, a skin regime might be incomplete without the right kind of soap. Do you know what ingredients you must look for in a soap while choosing the most suitable soap for your skin type? 

Well, these questions with the right answers could surely help you get glowing skin. You can pick the right soap for your skin type only when you are well informed about the soap types and their impact on different skin types.

Your problems and the right soap!

Let us dive deep and know more about the soap types such that we can choose the best options for our skin type. 

1. Are you suffering from Dark Spots, Anti-Aging, Sunburn?

Dark Spots, Anti-Aging, Sunburn, etc. are some of the issues which are most concerning these days. In case you are looking for a soap to help you with this, you can surely choose papaya and cucumber soap. These are refreshing and rejuvenating ingredients for your skin and can surely help you.  

2. Do you think your skin suffers from breakouts and redness?

Skin irritations could surely be minimized with the use of soap rich in Khus Mitti clay. It gives a soothing effect to your skin to help it stay safe from breakouts, redness, along with helping in removal of dead skin cells, & reducing acne. Additionally, it can be said that Khus Mitti Clay soaps have been proven highly beneficial for oily skin types.  

3. Need soft, smooth and odour-free skin?

Generally, some people complain about the feet problem as it is one of the most ignored body parts. And this might result in foul smelling, and unhealthy skin in the feet region. However soaps rich in butter and sea salts could be the best solution for smooth, nourished as well as cleansed feet. The sea salt helps in exfoliating the skin and removing the dead cells, while butter moisturizes the skin. Along with that, sea salt is useful in fighting against fungal infection, and relaxing the foot muscles.  

4. Does your skin need anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory soaps?

Vitamin E and some essential oils are helpful for irritated skin types. And when your skin suffers from inflammation, you need products which can help in keeping it hydrated and safe from bacterial action. Hence, you can go with soaps rich in rosemary essential oil. Such soaps can be used for almost every skin type and have shown amazing results as well.

5. Are you looking for a suitable soap for men’s skin?

Men generally struggle finding the apt soap which can help keep their skin healthy. Orange Peppermint soap has shown amazing results for men’s skin, as it keeps skin healthy, moisturized, soft and controls acne growth.  

Know More About Some Special Soaps & their benefits 

Let us talk about some more soaps, which can help your skin to fight certain special specific skin related concerns.

1. Sandalwood Scrub Soap for Glowing skin

Sandalwood soaps are packed with multiple benefits for every skin type. It helps in having glowing skin by being a wonderful exfoliating soap. Certain more benefits are:

  1. It helps in lightning as well as brightening dull skin with regular usage.
  2. It helps in healing dry skin by reducing itchiness as well as flaky skin.
  3. Sandalwood soaps help in tightening skin by preventing it from sagging. This in turn helps your skin to stay tight as well as youthful.
  4. And the most important benefits; the antiseptic properties of Sandalwood helps skin stay infection-free. It keeps you safe from acne, insect bites as well as pimples. 

2. Goat Milk Soap for smooth and supple skin

To prevent dryness, goat milk soap could be one of the best choices. It helps in maintaining the skin pH level and hence makes it soft and supple. Additionally it helps in controlling blemishes, keeps skin hydrated, exfoliates the skin, decreases the damage by sun as well as helps in controlling the signs of ageing. You can surely choose this soap when you need a suitable option for your dry skin type. 

3. Sweet Basil or Tulsi Soap for Pore Cleansing 

Basil soaps have been used since ages owing to the tons of benefits it has to offer. It not just helps in reducing blemishes and acne breakouts, but also is very useful in fighting the signs of ageing. Tulsi soaps are known to reduce inflammation in skin as well as keep it hydrated & nourished for longer hours. 

4. Jasmine Night Soap to heal stretch marks

There are a number of reasons for stretch marks, such as pregnancy, weight gain and many more. Jasmine soap made with the top quality ingredients can be helpful for you. This soap is suitable for all skin types, body as well face skin. Jasmine soap even helps in fighting insomnia, and with an improved sleep cycle your skin gains enormous benefits which last for years together. Jasmine soap also acts on scars and stretch marks to permanently reduce and vanish them with continued usage.   

5. Red Tomato Soap for Anti-ageing

Ageing is inevitable, however taking good care of your skin can make you look young and bright. Tomato prevents ageing as well as protects our skin from harmful Ultraviolet Radiations. It also contains Lycopene which helps to keep your skin looking young by lowering the number of free radicals in your body. With this miracle ingredient, you can fight cellular damage and skin reddening.

6. Aloe Vera Soap for Sweat control and skin care

Aloe Vera is a magical ingredient which has multiple benefits for our hair and skin. The soap helps in controlling acne growth, reduces signs of ageing, reduces blemishes, lightens scars and pigmentations, moisturizes your skin and soothes sunburns. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturiser and hence the soaps made with this work the best for softening skin. Almost every skin type can use this soap. 

For Intense acne treatment you can check out some acne and pimple care soaps.

7. Lemongrass and Haldi Soap for wrinkle-free skin

Lemongrass and Turmeric both help in detoxifying your skin thus help it appear young and wrinkle free. Additionally, the antiseptic properties of turmeric makes it the best product to soothe itching in skin. Lemongrass which is rich in Vitamin C works as a skin brightener. It not just revives the glow of the skin but also helps in making the skin look healthier. This soap has worked best to reduce signs of ageing, pigmentations, fine lines, wrinkles and much more.

There are some more soaps worth trying in case you are looking for an all-in-one combo pack of better skin types such as Apple Mangosteen Soap, Sandalwood cleansing soap and many more.  

Some does and don’t to know while you buy soaps for skin

Buying the right soap, could now be a little easier for you now with all the information which we have gathered here for you. 

Let us have a look at some more dos and don’ts to follow irrespective of your skin type, such that you make the right choice:

  1. Avoid soaps with extreme pH value. They can be harmful to your skin types. Always choose mild soaps made from natural ingredients as they can help your skin in many ways. 
  2. Soaps with chemicals might not be too suitable for every skin type. Your skin might be sensitive to certain chemicals, and hence it is advisable to stay away from such soaps. On the other hand, soaps made up of natural ingredients generally have no or least side-effects. 
  3. Do not fall prey to false promises! No soaps or products work miracles overnight, so choose products which look promising to you. You can even read online reviews while you buy a soap for skin online, to help you stay away from products which promise unrealistic results for your skin. 
  4. Do not buy soaps just based on some fragrances. Soaps are meant to please your skin and not your olfactory reactors. So make sure you do not choose something which only smells good, rather go for options which are good for your skin regardless of their odour. 

Final words on choosing the best soap for your skin type

Apart from knowing the details about the soap, it is important that you follow patch tests before you opt for a new product for your skin. You are also advised to choose products from a renowned brand with the best ingredients; else, you might compromise with your skin health.

The options available out there are so many, so be well informed before you choose anything and do not fall prey for products which can harm your skin as well as are heavy on your pocket. Also, do not forget to drink loads of water, keeping your skin hydrated plays a significant role in its health. 

Happy Skin Care!  

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