Indian instant and frozen food brands

Delicious assortment of frozen food products, including vegetables, fruits, and ready-to-cook meals.
These days online ordering of food makes you wait for hours, which will ultimately kill your appetite and hygiene is at stake. If you are a busy person and can’t spend hours in the kitchen, yet have an urge to cook something delicious that smells and tastes good. This list would help you with some Indian instant food and frozen food brands, these Indian food products will help you taste the Indian flavours with less sweat.

Aashirvaad Instant Mix

Aashirvaad is a product of ITC, an Indian brand that provides a wide range of consumer products. Aashirvaad provides authentic taste and convenience with its instant mix range, which includes breakfast and dessert instant mixes like Gulab Jamun, Rava Idli, Rice Idli, Rice Dosa. This will save your overnight blending and grinding time.

ITC MASTER CHEF Frozen Snacks:

ITC has a pretty good range of frozen food or instant snacks good in both nutrition and taste. These frozen snacks can be deep-fried, air fried, or can be simply baked. These snacks are low fat and high protein food, so they are very healthy. ITC delivers both Indian and international tastes with its ready to cook food. 
These are some Indian snacks with flavours of traditional Indian spices and flavours like :
Mumbai Vada Pops, Achari Beetroot Kebab, Rajmah Ki Galauti, Chicken Galauti, Desi Style Chicken Patty, Chicken Galauti Kebab, Classic Aloo Tikki, Cheesy Corn Triangles, Dilli Dahi Kebab, Hara Bhara Kebab.
ITC also supplies International snacks with an Indian touch and flavour like :
 Lebanese Falafel Kebab, Mediterranean Chicken Kebab, Crispy French Fries, Crunchy Chicken Nuggets, Caribbean chicken Pops, Lime & Mint Wedges, Veggie Pizza Pocket.

Amul – Happy Treats

 Amul, one of the popular Indian dairy products producers based in Gujarat, has Frozen snacks or ready to cook food products in its products list. Amul Happy Treats select best quality vegetables and spices to make these frozen snacks, which gives 100% natural taste with no artificial flavours and colours added. The list of frozen snacks by Amul are listed below:
Veg burger patty, Veggie stix, Amul aloo Tikki, french fries, hash brown and Potato Wedges.

Mother Dairy Frozen Snacks:

 Safal is a part of mother dairy, a very popular milk and dairy products provider in India. Safal has the largest retail outlets of fruit and vegetables and some frozen food products like Safal Frozen Aloo Tikki, Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebab. These are the best snacks at parties and picnics.
Safal also provides frozen and peeled vegetables like Frozen green peas, frozen mixed vegetables, frozen jackfruit, Safal Frozen corn. Save your time and cook a healthy meal with these vegetables.

Haldiram’s Frozen Food:

If you have a strong craving and have an urge to have a delicious authentic Indian meal by not spending hours in the kitchen then it is best to consider haldiram’s frozen snacks and ready to cook food products. Haldiram’s ready to eat products include curries, and snacks all you have to do is to just open, microwave and serve. 
Haldiram’s Dal Tadka,
Haldiram’s Paneer Makhani,
Haldiram’s Dum Biryani,
Haldiram’s Punjabi Choley,
Haldiram’s Dal Makhani,
Haldiram’s fatafat bhel,
Haldiram’s pav bhaji,
Haldiram’s Moong Dal Halwa.

Adani Frozen Food:

Fortune is a product from Adani and it has a really good range of ready to cook and instant food mixes. It has an exclusive range of khichdi with a blend of superfoods like millets and spices.
Three different khichdi variants with three different state flavours like:
Fortune Millet Gujarati Khichdi
Fortune Millet Punjabi Khichdi
Fortune Millet Bengali Bhog Khichuri
These instant khichdi mixes are nutritious and healthy, helps you to boost your immunity, stabilise blood sugar level and cholesterol levels.
Fortune also has a range of soft and delicious soya chunks, which have almost 15 times more protein and 99% fat-free. It is available in three different variants like:
Fortune soya granules,
Fortune mini soya chunks, 
Fortune soya chunks.

Patanjali Noodles :

Patanjali provides very tasty vegetarian aata noodles made with whole wheat and rice bran oil. Patanjali has 5 mins instant cook noodle variants with various Indian flavours like Atta noodles chatpata, desi masala, classic noodles, Atta noodles yummy masala and more.

Sunfeast Yippee :

Sunfeast Yippee is a part of ITC consumer products. Sunfeast Yippee is easy and quick to cook Indian snack brand with Noodles and pasta products. Yippee noodles and pasta are full of protein and are made of suji, which makes it tasty and healthy.
Yippee is loved by people of all ages especially kids because of the different blend of flavours and colouring. Some of the variants are Magic Masala Noodles, Mood Masala Noodles, Power Up Masala Atta Noodles, Quik Mealz Khow Suey, Yippee Tricolor Pasta, Cheese pasta and more.

Tata Sampann Instant Mixes :

Tata Sampann has a genesis from Indian brand Tata groups and is a consumer products provider in India. Tata Sampann Ready to cook mixes has no preservatives and colour and has natural ingredients like unpolished pulses and authentic spices.
With Tata Sampann ready to cook mixes you can cook your snacks or breakfast in just 15 mins. Some of the healthy and instant food mixes are Tata Sampann multigrain chilla mix, Tata Sampann multigrain chilla mix, Tata Sampann moong dal chilla mix, Tata Sampann Multigrain Khichdi Mix.

Priya Instant Mixes And Ready To Eat Products : 

Since 1980 Priya Foods has provided various Indian food products like instant breakfast mixes, dessert mixes. These instant mixes help you to cook delicious food within minutes.
Here are some south Indian breakfast mixes from Priya:
Instant Rava Dosa Mix, Rava idli mix, Utappam Mix, Wheat Rawa Upma Mix, Vermicelli Upma Mix, Idli Mix.
Priya offers instant dessert mixes like :
Instant Kheer Mix, Instant Gulab Jamun Mix, Instant Jalebi Mix, Vermicelli Halwa Mix.
Not just south Indian food, Priya also supplies north Indian ready to cook food products and some of the ready to cook recipes are:
Ready To Eat Aloo Methi, Andhra Veg Pulao, Bhindi Do Piaza, Dal Makhani, Gongura Dal, Jeera Rice, Madras Sambar, Mango Dal, Masala Dal Fry, Mixed Vegetable Dal, Mutter Paneer, Navaratan Kurma, Palak Paneer, Pav Bhaji Masala, Punjabi Chhole, Shahi Paneer, Vegetable Chettinad and more.

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