Is there any impact of using emojis in the email subject line?

Emoji Impact: Enhancing Email Subject Lines

The significance of the email subject line is widely recognized. It serves as a  representation of the email’s content, and is even a determining factor for recipients to decide whether or not to open it.

The utilization of emojis has emerged as both a new trend and a marketing strategy. You may have already noticed email subject lines with emojis in your inbox. Incorporating emojis into email subject lines is an effective technique to capture attention and boost open rates. This method helps your emails stand out amidst the overwhelming stream of messages that customers and clients receive on a daily basis.

Fact: On average, an individual is estimated to receive 141 emails per day.

Consequently, it becomes increasingly challenging to attract recipients to click on your email and engage with its content or message. Emojis, however, can play a significant role in attracting notice.

Fact: Emails with emojis in the subject line have an open rate that is 56% higher compared to plain subject lines.

Emotional Trigger:

It has been observed that images and symbols possess the potential to evoke human emotions. In this regard, emojis, colors, and symbols are effective in creating a sense of urgency and curiosity within the recipient.

Here are a few examples:

?- This emoji is best utilized for announcements, cashbacks, or gifts to customers, symbolizing excitement and happiness.

? – It creates a sense of urgency and scarcity, commonly employed for sale and limited offer announcements.

? – The use of this emoji for personalized or exclusive gifts generates excitement and curiosity, enticing recipients to open the email.

❤️ – This heart symbol signifies emotions of love and is often utilized for Valentine’s sales and gifts for loved ones.

? – Corporate and e-learning brands frequently use this emoji to promote goals, achievements, and motivation.

There is a vast selection of emojis that serve as calls to action and contribute to increased clicks and sales for brands.

Fact: 44% of users are more likely to purchase products advertised using emojis.

Do’s and Dont’s:

While it may appear simple and easy, using emojis in email subject lines requires careful consideration. Simply copying and pasting emojis without a plan can render your efforts ineffective.

1. Avoid overdoing it: Using too many emojis in a single email subject line can make your email appear spammy. This increases the likelihood of being blocked or marked as spam.

2. Stay relevant: Select emojis that are most relevant and effective based on your business and the intent of the email. Using irrelevant emojis may result in them being deleted or ignored.

3. Understand the meaning: Don’t use an emoji solely because it is popular or used by competitors. Each emoji carries meaning and may have cultural, regional, or religious significance. Using an inappropriate emoji can lead to problems.

4. Formal or informal: Consider the category of recipients when using emojis. Using a relevant yet informal emoticon in a corporate pitch might negatively impact the impression you make.

5. Experiment and test: Standard templates and subject lines don’t always work in email marketing. Similarly, using different emojis and symbols, along with A/B testing, can help you determine which elements attract your customers.

6. Check the preview: Always send a test email to check the preview, as emojis that are not properly embedded may appear as code instead of the intended symbol, such as ��� or ☐.

Fact: Using emojis in subject lines can increase unique openings by 29%.

Where to find emojis for subject lines:

The internet offers a vast collection of emojis and emoticons for email marketing. Simply conduct a proper search using relevant keywords on search engines. Below are a few search strings and reference sources to help you find emojis.

Below are the sources for emojis for email subject line:

822 Emoji for your Newsletter Subject Lines

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Using emojis in email subject lines has proven to be effective in capturing customer or prospect attention compared to plain subject lines. While emojis may not directly impact the open rate, they can help trigger the desired call to action. However, like any marketing technique, strategic analysis, planning, and execution are key to success. Take a look at various brands using emojis in their email pitches by exploring your email inbox.

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